• Here's what people have to say about Kerry and her services at Full Circle:

  • Kala Kluender, Certified Nurse Midwife

    I am always happy when my families report they've hired Kerry as a doula.  She's kind, calm, knowledgeable and compassionate.  I've attended fast births and long labors with her; I've seen her support both uncomplicated and high risk pregnancies.  She asks good questions without confrontation and advocates for her families without creating conflict.  She has a gentle energy I wish every mama could experience during their pregnancies, labors, and postpartum transitions.  I so enjoy working with her and I believe her families benefit in uncountable ways from her service.
  • Sara

    Thank you for helping to bring my beautiful girl into this world.  Your presence allowed me to relax and be calm and confident in whatever choices we had to make for the birth of our daughter.  Also, the support you we able to give me during my pregnancy was invaluable!  You answered my texts promptly and eased my mind whenever I needed to talk to you on the phone.  Specifically, I am grateful for when I was having contractions early and you were able to help me relax into whatever was going to happen which ultimately calmed me down and stopped my early labor.  You were truly meant to be a doula, this is your calling in life as you naturally and intuitively took care of me every step of the way.
    Much love,
  • Naomi

    Kerry was such a life saver the first few weeks and helping me adjust to life with a newborn. Kerry has such a special way of working with mamas and babes (and partners too!). She is such a caring and thoughtful person. She takes time to listen and make practical suggestions and focuses on self care for parents so the entire family is happy and healthy.
    Thank you!! ❤
  • Allie

    We didn't have a doula for our first pregnancy and delivery and we loved every minute of that experience. But we moved to Boulder during my second pregnancy and I knew I wanted and needed more support than doctors who would have me on rotation for my prenatal care. Finding Kerry was the greatest gift. She was a huge support during my pregnancy and the weeks leading up to my delivery, and I felt like Kerry would check in on me just when I needed her the most. She helped connect me to the right people during and after pregnancy (acupuncturist, lactation consultant, fitness specialist) and went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of emotionally, mentally, physically. Meeting Kerry at the hospital the night of my delivery was the beginning of a wonderful night. She was there for me in every way. She was my voice and protector when I needed her to be, and she was nurturing and mothering while she rubbed my legs and squeezed my hips during contractions. She was incredible with helping communicate to my husband how he could be there for me, and I never felt like for one second that she was a third wheel. She was the perfect final piece of the puzzle for our childbirth. Her knowledge and warmth make her the perfect doula for any mama!

    Allie M.

  • Emilee & Michael


    We can't imagine having gone through the birth of our son Kai without Kerry's support. I'll admit that when Emilee first brought up the possibility of hiring a doula, I was skeptical. But after working with Kerry for 4 months leading up to, during, and following Kai's birth, we can both say emphatically that hiring her was the best decision we made.

    Em had a long, difficult labor: 52 hours with a 9-1/2 pound baby at the end. Kerry's calm, reassuring refrains - "wide range of normal", "this is completely normal", "you're doing this perfectly" - were exactly what we needed to help us persevere during a time when we otherwise would have been stressed that things weren't moving as quickly as expected. I'm confident that we would have ended up with a C-Section without Kerry, and I think our doctor would say the same.

    Not only was Kerry invaluable throughout the 3-day-long birth process, but she was an ever-present support before and after, checking in regularly and making herself an easy resource for "should I call the doctor about this" questions. She even brought her camera with her frequently and sent us high-quality photos from before, during, and after the birth.

    If we are fortunate enough to have another child, we will book Kerry the very minute we know about it. And for any friends that are expecting, our first and strongest recommendation will be to hire Kerry.


    If you read nothing else in this testimony, I hope you take away how invaluable we believe Kerry's presence was at the birth. My husband and I both reflected afterwards that it was the best spent money through the whole pregnancy process and we would recommend her services to anyone. We cannot communicate strongly enough our appreciation for Kerry through my pregnancy, labor, and birth. 

    My husband and I were initially hesitant about the idea of a doula. Their support had been recommended to us but we knew little about doulas and felt unsure about taking on the expense. We met with a handful of doulas and were going to commit to one until we decided to take one last interview. This happened to be with Kerry and after our time with her, we both left excited and sure that she was the one we wanted. 

    At that stage, we could not have predicted how invaluable that decision would be. I had a 52 hour labor... yup, that's right, 52 hours! I do not wish that on anyone. Kerry supported us through all 52 hours and we believe she had an instrumental affect in my birth not resulting in a c-section. We had to convince her to go home for a night to get sleep. 

    Her presence was calming, confident and comforting. I had know idea that a c-section was being considered and is most common in labors like mine, mostly because of Kerry's communication through the whole process. She allowed me to stay focused on each step of the labor process and not worry about what was going on around me. She gave my husband the tools he needed to feel confident supporting and encouraging me through the different stages. She also allowed him to get the much needed rest through the 52 hours that we were all working.

    We thought it would be nice to have a 'coach’ as we were considering doula especially since we were first time parents but Kerry ended up being much more to us. We came away feeling so grateful for the decision we made to not only have a doula but to have chosen Kerry.

  • Chelsea

    My first pregnancy in 2011 resulted in a necessary c-section to birth our stubborn sideways baby boy.  When we found out we were expecting a daughter 4 years later I felt like I had been given a second chance at the natural birth I had hoped for the first time around.

    Finding Kerry to be our doula was such a blessing.  She is truly born to do the important work she does every day helping mamas and babies.  Kerry was there for us every step of the way, checking in with me regularly and helping me with referrals to acupuncture, chiropractor, lactation consultant, etc.  Kerry's calm and sweet demeanor always made me feel like I was her only client.  
    The morning my water broke was the start of an amazing day.  Kerry met us at the hospital immediately and was such a calming and knowledgeable presence for both myself and my husband throughout our entire birth.  We had a beautiful and perfect birth experience, medication free, exactly as I had hoped for.  I am positive that having Kerry on our birth team helped me achieve a successful VBAC.  My whole family is eternally grateful for the gift of her support and knowledge!  I am now 4 months postpartum and Kerry recently helped me with a breastfeeding issue.  Her care does not stop when you leave the hospital, she believes in supporting mamas and babies before, during and after birth!